About Us

Pretty Rebels is an online store for the well dressed, free-spirited rebels. Shop clothing, shoes and accessories. 


Meet the Pretty Rebel

 Britney Chisholm- Owner/Founder


Fashionista and all around wild child, Britney has had the dream of having her own clothing store for years! A storefront would be ideal but is not in the cards (yet).. with a professional athlete for a husband there is much too much traveling for a store front so the dream was put on hold. Until 2013 when Britney (who loves a little online shopping herself) realized she could indeed have her own store and Pretty Rebels was born! At the young age of 22 she is acting, beauty/fashion video blogging on YouTube, and now running a store! Britney's style is all her own! She wears whatever she feels and thinks you're never too old to play dress up! 



FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE- PLEASE EMAIL- Britney@shopprettyrebels.com